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Club Cheerleading - Mon, Aug. 25, 2008
The Holy Cross College Cheerleading squad creates support system for Saints athletics

 The Holy Cross College Cheerleading squad was founded in 2005 by Kate Palmer, a junior at the time. Palmer recognized the need for more women's sports and always had a passion for cheerleading, as well as experience in coaching. The original squad consisted of nine women and three men who worked together to establish the rules, regulations, and organizational set-up of the program.

Since then the squad has grown exponentially, including upwards of fourteen women and six men. Head Coach Kate Palmer and Assistant Coach and Squad Captain Amara Zielinski, a senior, have worked hard to build up the program and to push their athletes to reach their full potential. They hosted the first annual Holy Cross Pep Rally in 2006 as well as coordinated an annual Spirit Week. In addition to cheering for the Saints basketball team, the squad can be found at most sporting events, from soccer to hockey, in support of the College. They hope to go to competition in 2009.