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Men's Basketball - Tue, Aug. 19, 2008

The Holy Cross College basketball team is holding its first signing day for player Jeff Appleman. This basketball program becomes varsity and joins the NAIA in the fall of 2008.

          Appleman, a 6'6 forward, will be the first player to be signed to the team. The signing ceremony will take place at Marian High School on Wednesday, April 23rd at 3:30 pm for information call 574-239-8400 and ask for Coach Baumgartner.          
          Head coach Steve Baumgartner has been coaching the team for the past three years and is excited to bring it to the varsity level. He is also proud to welcome such a talented player to the team. "We are excited to have a player of Jeff's ability coming into our very young basketball program. He is the type of player that can score on the offensive side of the ball, as well as play great on defense; the type of player that helps win games."