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Mark Wilkins (Chicago, IL), Coach Baumgartner, Zac Cook (South Bend, IN), Andrew Tullis (Orland, IN) with Adonious Sesson
Men's Basketball - Tue, Jan. 6, 2009
              Saint basketball players have been taking time to visit pediatrics at Memorial Hospital throughout the holiday season. During their visits the players take time to read, hangout, and talk with the kids. While there they also hand out posters that have been signed by the team.


"It's great for the everyone, the players and coaches alike, to get out in the community and do something that's brightening someone's day," said Head Coach Steve Baumgartner.  "We love seeing the smiles on the kids when they see the players walk in.  Not only do the kids like it, but the parents are appreciative that we have taken time to visit with them and their children."
Lessons are learned, friendships are made, but most of all the players learn what it truly means to be a student - athlete. There are a lot of memories and stories that will not soon be forgotten by the children, players, and coaches. Assistant Coach Ed Baumgartner had this to say about his visits to the hospital; "The little boy, who according to his mom, had never sat through an entire story book before, the little girl who was so tired but wouldn't let her eyes close while she was being read to, the smiles, the high fives, these are things the kids, their families, and the players alike won't soon forget."

In accordance with the NAIA Champions of Character Program, the Saints Athletic Department encourages the development of their athletes through the experience of serving the community.