McKenna Arena
The McKenna Arena opened in the winter of 2008, McKenna Arena plays host to the men's and women's basketball teams, as well as many intramural sports and activities. Besides hosting athletic events McKenna Arena also holds numerous social gatherings and community events such as the annual Ave Crux weekend and the South Bend Youth Services Bureau Dodgeball Tournament. The arena features one regulation size basketball court, as well as two side basketball courts. The arena also has one official volleyball court.


                         Fitness Center
Connected to the Pivot Point lobby is the fitness center. The fitness center is an open room which hosts many classes such as yoga, tai chi, and zumba. The fitness room also plays host to many SGA ping pong tournaments and cheerleading practices.
                           Running Track
On the second floor of the Pfeil Center the Burgess running track hangs above the McKenna Arena. The track is 1/12th of a mile. Not only does the track provide a space to run during those cold months, but it also provides a great view during home basketball contests.
                                                                         East Strength
Located on the second floor of the Pfeil Center is the east strength weight room.  Equipped with an 11 piece strength circuit and two free weight cages, east strength provides an exceptional experience for all.
                   West Cardio 
West cardio is located on the second floor of the Pfeil Center. The cardio room holds several different types of stationary bikes, tread mills, elliptical machines and stair masters. The state of the art room is equipped with screens on the treadmills where students can save and download their workouts or have their own personal trainer. The machines are also iPod friendly and will charge an iPod while you listen to it.