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Student Athlete Physical Forms

Sports Physical Forms



The mission of the College's Athletic Department is to aid each student-athlete to develop to his or her fullest potential, both physically and mentally. The primary function of the Athletic Training room is the prevention and management of injuries and illness that may affect student-athletes during their time at Holy Cross College. The athletic training facility and staff of certified athletic trainers and team physicians provided by Beacon Sports Medicine are to help provide a safe athletic program, and minimizing injuries and their effect on the student-athlete.



The use of the athletic training room is available to student-athletes. All athletes should follow sign-in procedures for the athletic training room. Services provided are physical examination, counsel/education in the prevention of injuries due to athletic participation, materials and equipment necessary to adequately treat and/or prevent injury, ultrasound, stem, combo, tape, brace, ice, and more.


Sports Health Physicals

All athletes must have medical clearance before participating in any preseason, in-season, non-traditional season or weight room conditioning program with the college. This medical clearance includes:  A physical exam and a completed physical form. You must have the appropriate medical paperwork filled out, turned in and cleared by the College's Athletic Trainer before participation in any organized team activity.



Student-Athlete Insurance Information

Adequate health insurance coverage and proof thereof is required by all participants in Holy Cross College athletics. Athletes please check with your insurance carrier to be sure coverage is extended to you as a student over the age of 18 as additional athletic insurance may be needed.   You are responsible for handling all medical bills.  No individual is allowed to play, practice or condition in any form without proof of primary health insurance.  Holy Cross College Athletic Department has an athletic insurance policy that is secondary to your personal (family) insurance. 


Concussion Testing

Concussion Policy

The Beacon Sports Medicine recognizes that sport related concussion pose a significant health risk for student-athletes. Therefore there are implemented policies and procedures to deal with the assessment, management, and return to play (RTP) considerations for athletes who have sustained a concussive episode. In addition Beacon Sports Medicine Athletic Trainers also recognize the importance of baseline testing on athletes who participate in sports which are recognized as contact or collision and/or who have a history of concussions upon entering athletic participation at their designated schools. Baseline concussion testing will consist of CogstateCCAT testing and in some cases VSR balance testing; this information will be extremely useful in RTP decisions. The baseline data along with physical exam, diagnostic testing, symptom scaling, follow up testing and a gradual RTP protocol will all be used in conjunction with sound clinical judgment and on an individualized basis to determine when it is safe for an athlete to return to competition. All athletes who sustain a concussion need to be cleared by a Physician and the College's Athletic Trainer before returning to any sports activity.


Drug Testing

Drug Testing Policy 

The Holy Cross College Athletic Department strongly believes that the use of sport performance enhancing and illegal street drugs, the abuse of prescription drugs, and the misuse of dietary supplements are detrimental to both the mental and physical well-being of student-athletes, as well as to academic and athletic performance.  Substance abuse can result in serious consequences and yet risks are seldom recognized by victims before serious physical and emotional damage has occurred. NO STUDENT-ATHLETE WILL USE ANY ILLICIT OR SPORT ENHANCING SUBSTANCES, NOR WILL ANY STUDENT-ATHLETE ABUSE PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS.  An additional detailed list of banned drug classes for College student-athletes can be found on the NCAA Banned Drug List.  Holy Cross College Athletic Department does random year round drug testing.


Visiting Teams and Their Athletic Training Staff

The athletic training staff of Holy Cross College would like to welcome you to Holy Cross College for your upcoming event. Holy Cross College has one athletic training room, located in the Pfeil Center on the lower level in room 116. The room will be open prior to competition and we will be happy to assist with any treatments that are needed during that time. We have the following treatments available: ice, heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, combo treatment and paraffin bath with prior notification.  Please notify us in advance if your team will not be traveling with an ATC. We also ask that each visiting team provide a letter stating what treatments, with parameters, are needed as well as a medical kit stocked with the supplies needed for the treatment/taping of the athletes. The nearest hospital is approximately seven minutes away. Memorial Hospital of South Bend is located at 615 N Michigan St. Exiting Holy Cross College at the light of 933/31/Michigan turn South [Right]. Memorial Hospital is on the right side of the street three stoplights down. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you and good luck this season.



Amy E. Heiby, ATC, LAT

Head Athletic Trainer


[email protected]