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Daniel Vaughan
Daniel Vaughan
February 5, 2013

Name: Daniel Vaughan

Class: Freshman

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

High School: Culver Military Academy

Major: Undecided

Sport: Hockey

Favorite Professional Athlete: Patrick Kane

Favorite Movie: Super Troopers

Favorite Holiday: St. Patrick's Day

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Band: Too many to choose from

Favorite Big City: Chicago

Country I would most like to visit: Ireland

Another Sport I Enjoy Playing: Football

Favorite Part of Being a Saint: Roadies with the boys

Best Advice I Have Ever Received: No matter what you do, give a hundred percent. Even if it's something that doesn't matter, or isn't important, always give your all. That way, you can never be disappointed with anything you do in life.

Dream Job: District Attorney