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Tommy Lyons
Tommy Lyons
October 30, 2012

Name: Tommy Lyons

Class: Junior

Hometown: Valparaiso, Ind.

High School: Valparaiso High School

Major: Business

Sport: Hockey

Favorite Professional Athlete: Joe Rice

Favorite Movie: Anything on the bus during roadies

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Food: Anything Tyler Joy makes

Favorite Band: Tallett Brothers

Favorite Big City: Warsaw, Ind.

Country I would most like to visit: Canada

Another Sport I Enjoy Playing: Anything I can beat Doni Gendel and B.J. Kolcz in

Favorite Part of Being a Saint: Living with Brad Hajec

Best Advice I Have Ever Received: Fire 'em up and water 'em down

Dream Job: Being Jake Radde's caddy